Traveling exhibition and sales project in New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo

Japan Anime Future

Exhibit your unique characters for the future of “Japan Anime” that will take the world by storm.

Cute, beautiful, brilliant, cool, handsome, strong, cool, mysterious

Eerie, wicked, scary, mysterious, funny—

please be creative and create your own uniquecharacter!

(Organized by Art Incubation Association of Japan)


→Works are limited to characters. People, animals, AI, robots, imaginary beings – anything is fine, but only characters. (This is an illustration and art work. This is not an animation video exhibition.)

→I look forward to various wonderful ideas for scenes, backgrounds, settings, etc.

→The number of characters is not limited to one. Group images of multiple bodies are also OK.

→Character-only paintings. That is, landscape paintings and abstract paintings are not permitted.

Please submit your high-resolution image (300dpi or higher).

The artwork will be available forsale on art platforms in the U.S., China, and Japan, produced as Giclee prints. Additionally,

NFTs will be offered for sale, and novelty goods related to the artworks will be available.

Exhibitions and sales events are planned at galleries in New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Pricing will be determined through consultation with the artist. An operating expense of 50%

of the sales contract amount will be retained.

Submitted works will be judged by a panel of distinguished experts from the art, animation,
and game industries in a contest format.

Exceptional entries may be adapted for use in animations or games.
The Grand Prize, awarded every three months, entails a cash prize of 30,000 yen,
determined by a combination of jury points and site sales points.

One Grand Prize winner will be chosen per quarter, earning the opportunity for an exhibition at galleries in New York,Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Other prizewinners will have their works exhibited in New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo with an
associated fee.

The organizer will manage the printing, framing, transportation, and exhibition logistics without imposing any financial burden on exhibitors.

Participation and screening fees are set at 10,000 yen per work initially, decreasing to 5,000yen per work for subsequent submissions after the second entry.

By participating, you secure the perpetual right to be featured on art sales websites in the

U.S., China, and Japan, as well as the chance to partake in exhibitions and sales events in

New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Don’t miss out on this enduring opportunity!

Submissions can be either published or unpublished but must unquestionably be your own

original creation.

The artist retains full rights to the submitted work.

Please refrain from incorporating cruel weapons, combat scenes, or explicit sexual content in your submissions.

Additionally, be aware that the exhibition of your work may be subject to the regulations of

the country where it is displayed.

Please add and press the talk button, then fill in your application information

If you would like to use a service other than LINE, please click here.


The emergence of endearing figures featuring large eyes and petite noses, a departure from

the “straight eyes and hooked noses” prevalent in depictions of beautiful women during the

Heian period, originated in contemporary Japanese anime and manga. This unique

expression has evolved into an art form, garnering an immense global fan base and

influencing a multitude of artists. With its far-reaching impact, it is poised to become a

globally significant movement in art history, akin to the cultural shifts led by the ancient

Greeks and Romans or the Italian Renaissance.

The origins of Japanese cartoons can be traced back to the 12th and 13th centuries, notably

with the creation of “Chōjū-giga,” which depicted lively anthropomorphic rabbits, frogs, and

monkeys. In the Edo period, the influential artist Katsushika Hokusai played a pivotal role in

this artistic evolution with his “Hokusai manga,” a 19th-century bestseller in Japan that

humorously portrayed both people and creatures.

Interestingly, Hokusai’s and his contemporaries artwork, known as ukiyoe, took on an

unexpected role. Used as wrapping paper for Japanese ceramics, these pieces were

discovered serendipitously when the boxes were opened, revealing the unwrapped items

within. This chance discovery introduced Westerners to the beauty of ukiyoe as they served

as buffers for Japanese ceramics exported to Europe. The captivating characters depicted in

these expressions became a central element of the pop culture and entertainment of that


Depictions of people in entertainment continue to hold enduring cultural significance. The

anime character expressions rooted in contemporary Japanese manga represent an art form

that has evolved over many years of history.

This exhibition seeks to bring together works that portray artistic characters deeply

influenced by modern Japanese entertainment expressions. Beyond a cutting-edge

perspective, the focus is on a futuristic outlook. These images depict characters poised to

captivate the hearts and minds of people for many years to come.

Through this project, our goal is to inspire artists to delve into the limitless possibilities of

future expression and prompt viewers to envision a future adorned with vibrant and joyful


—Kyoko Sato, Curator, New York

(Works should avoid brutal weapons, combat, and direct sexual content.)


Kyoko Sato

She is a curator based in New York and a leading authority on introducing Japanese culture.

In collaboration with the Asahi Shimbun, she realized the exhibition “Ancient Egyptian

Queens and Goddess: Treasures from The Metropolitan Museum of Art” (2014, Tokyo

Metropolitan Art Museum and Kobe City Museum).

In 2016, she curated Miwa Komatsu’s first exhibition in New York.

Founded the Asian programming at White Box, an art space in New York known for its avantgarde

exhibitions, and served as its director from 2018 to 2021. Sato curated “Hiroko

Koshino: A Touch of Bauhaus” and an historical exhibition “A Colossal Word: Japanese

Artists and New York, 1950s – Present“ which exhibited 55 Japanese artists including Yayoi

Kusama, Yoko Ono, Shigeko Kubota, Hiroshi Senju, Takashi Murakami, Hiroshi Sugimoto,

Tomokazu Matsuyama, Oscar Oiwa, and Miwa Komatsu (2018).

Her anime culture presentations include “Shichiro Kobayashi: A Drama of Light and Shadow”

(2022) and “Japan’s Anime Sweeping the World” (2023, both held at The Nippon Club, NY).

She serves as an editor-in-chief for Japan Contemporaries magazine.

Motoichi Adachi

Motoichi Adachi is a prominent broadcast writer who has significantly shaped the landscape of Japanese television. He has contributed to the success of numerous national hit programs, including “Downtown’s Gaki no Tsukai,” “Miracle Experience! Unbelievable,”

“Odoru! Sanma Goten,” “Gurunai,” “Doraemon,” “SMAPxSMAP,” and “Laugh It Up.”

In 2008, Adachi achieved international acclaim by winning the 35th International Emmy

Award for “Takeshi’s Comaneci University Mathematics Department,” a program for which he also served as the director. Notably, he walked the red carpet in New York alongside director Takeshi Kitano, who appeared in the program.

Adachi’s achievements extend beyond television, as he has secured accolades such as the 42nd Galaxy Award Grand Prize and the United Nations Peace Film Festival 2007 Special Award.

Beyond his contributions to television, Adachi is the publisher of “Japan Contemporaries,” an art magazine dedicated to introducing Japanese contemporary art to New York. He has successfully organized several art exhibitions in New York, including “Ultimate Beauty” (January 2023), “Bitter Sweet,” “Stepping Into A World,” and “Japan

Contemporaries” (August 2023).

Sadahiro Terai

Sadahiro Terai holds the position of President at Just Pro, an entertainment and animation production company, as well as a voice actor production firm. During his college years, he crossed paths with the singer TSUNKU♂ and played a pivotal role in supporting the success of the band “Sharan Q.”

Terai’s involvement extended to the launch of “Hello Project (Morning Musume.),” where he supported TSUNKU♂ in the production of the group from its early stages. In 2017, he contributed to the production of the immensely successful anime “Kemono Friends,” which emerged as a standout hit that year.

His diverse portfolio of work revolves around the theme of “People x Contents,” showcasing his involvement in various productions. In 2022, Terai continued his successful career by working on the hit anime “Chiikawa.”

Masafumi Fukui

Masafumi Fukui serves as the CEO of the animation production company “Kachidoki Studio.”

With a background in producing live-action theatrical films, character works, and DVD originals, he initially worked at Imagica and Imagica Entertainment, contributing significantly to TV animation and animated films.

Fukui later ascended to the role of CEO at Wedge Holdings, a company listed on Jasdaq.

Drawing on his extensive know-how and experience in the video and animation industry, he has been actively engaged in numerous projects within the content industry.

Among his notable works are “Ganbare! Oden-kun,” “Unko-san,” “Neko no Dayan,” “Panda no Tappu Tappu,” and many more. Embracing the belief that “the group that can create content from scratch will be the winner in the future,” Fukui focuses on developing original works.

His current endeavors involve securing original rights across various mediums,

including movies, animation, characters, stage productions, music, comics, games, and more. Additionally, he actively participates in discovering and nurturing young talent.

In recognition of his contributions, Fukui received the Special Jury Prize at the 18th Japan Film Critics Awards in 2009.

Kenji Tokumitsu

Kenji Tokumitsu is at the helm as the CEO of TAGBOAT, a major online retailer of

contemporary art in Asia. His mission revolves around expanding the contemporary art market in Japan by creating accessible avenues for the general public to engage with andpurchase art.

Tokumitsu places a particular emphasis on fostering an environment where young artists canthrive professionally. He actively seeks out and discovers next-generation artists withexceptional talent but limited opportunities to showcase their work. His driving ambition is to

“increase the number of artists who can make a living by increasing the number of people who understand artists” and to bring about a transformation in the art market environment in Japan.

In addition to his role at TAGBOAT, Tokumitsu has authored publications such as “Art as Education Art as Investment” (Crossmedia Publishing) and “Starting from Zero Knowledge: A Textbook for Investing in Contemporary Art” (East Press).

He has made notable media appearances on programs such as “How much can you pay for this artwork? How much can you pay for this work? Art Geisha Auction” (NTV), “Only number one person knows” (TBS), “Kinki Kids’ Bunboom Bunboom Museum” (Fuji Television), and “5 o’clock! Contemporary Art: What would you like to tell us?” (TOKYO MX).


Shun is a remarkably versatile individual whose diverse pursuits reflect her commitment to various aspects of the art and cultural landscape. As the driving force behind “Shun Art Gallery Tokyo” and “Shun Art Gallery Shanghai,” her motto is clear: “introducing Asian contemporary art to the world.” In Shanghai, she took the initiative to establish the “AAEF MUSEUM,” a private art museum, and concurrently manages the Asian Art Education Foundation.

Educationally accomplished, Shun holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the prestigious University of Tokyo. Simultaneously, she pursued a master’s degree in fashion at Bunka Fashion College, showcasing a unique blend of expertise in economics and fashion.

Her academic pursuits also led her to Esmod Paris, further enriching her knowledge and perspective.

Shun’s influence extends across multiple domains, showcasing her talents as a designer, contemporary artist, gallery owner, and writer. Her ongoing column, titled “Eyes on Asia,” has been a consistent feature for 66 terms in the “People’s Daily Overseas Edition Japan Monthly” magazine.

Noteworthy as a linguistic bridge, Shun has translated significant works into Chinese, including Lee Ufan’s “The Art of Margins” (Huacheng Press, 2021, 2nd printing) and the novel “Crescent Moon” (Amazon, 2021). Her dedication to diverse artistic and cultural endeavors underscores her role as a dynamic contributor to the global appreciation of Asiancontemporary art.

For inquiries and to connect on LINE, please scan the QR code provided. Add me, press the

talk button, and fill in your application information.

If you prefer not to use LINE, you can write to:

Exhibition venue

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The world art market is 7 trillion yen, and a whopping 38% of it is traded in New York (only 4% is traded in Japan). If you are active as an artist, let’s compete in New York, the center of the art world!

“THE NIPPON CLUB” is a social club with a history of 120 years in America. Its members include the Japanese ambassador to the United States and the CEOs of Japanese companies in the United States, and it is attracting attention from all over the United States as a place for transmitting Japanese culture.

Recently, Kyoko Sato has held exhibitions such as Shichiro Kobayashi: Drama of Light and Darkness'' (2022) andJapanese Anime Sweeping the World” (2023), both of which were curated by Kyoko Sato. It has a track record of introducing contemporary art, and has become a gallery visited by many anime fans.

1 week, scheduled)

「Shun Art Gallery」

The world art trade amount is 47% in the US, 26% in China, 16% in the UK, 6% in France, 2% in Switzerland, and 1% in Japan. After all, China is an art-advanced country that cannot be overlooked.

The French Concession flourishes as the center of contemporary art in Shanghai, with the Shanghai Art Museum and numerous galleries, as well as art events and festivals. In this place, which has always been at the cutting edge of cross-cultural exchange, an exhibition that looks at the present and future of Japanese anime has an important meaning.

1 week, scheduled)

「東京 未定」

coming soon

The last [NY Art Exhibition] was a great success! If you’d like, please take a look at the success!

Now it’s you!

People involved in New York art flocked in droves, were interviewed by the media, interacted with artists active around the world, pitched to galleries in New York, were featured in art magazines, and were showered with cutting-edge art. Your art will take off to the next stage…

That can happen to you!

Now, let’s take on the challenge together from NY to the world!That can happen to you!


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